Meetings in the Examination Schools, High Street



Morning Chair: Sir David Smith

10.25 Welcome

                                                    Professor Sir Henry Harris

10.30    Hooke: The Man

                                                    Dr Allan Chapman

11.00    Robert Hooke as Fellow and Secretary of

             the Royal Society

                                                    Professor John Enderby

11.30    Hooke's Legacy to Science

                                                    Sir Roger Penrose

12.00    Hooke the Mathematician

                                                    Sir Christopher Zeeman

Luncheon in Christ Church Hall (1.00 – 2.15 pm)

Afternoon Chair: Sir Arnold Wolfendale


2.30     Hooke's Concepts of the Earth in Space and Polar

             Wanderings on the Terrestrial Surface

                                                    Dr Ellen Tan Drake

3.00      Hooke's Contributions to Astronomy

                                                    Sir Martin Rees

3.30      Hooke's Civic Observations and Measurements

                                                    Professor M A R Cooper

4.00      Concluding Summary

                                                    Sir Arnold Wolfendale

(finish 4.15)